NMC Bright reviews Belgian Football Club KV Oostende’s youth academy

News by Wouter Kuperus

From the 11th until the 13th of April, NMC Bright reviewed Belgian club KV Oostende’s youth academy. NMC Bright’s team of experts went to visit the club where they spoke with the club’s board as well as the management, scouting and trainers of the KVO SE’ Academy. Additionally, NMC Bright attended a variety of training sessions of teams from different age categories.

Wouter Kuperus, director at NMC Bright: “The review always starts off with the question what the ambition of the club is in relation to their youth academy. This level of ambition then serves as a starting point for our research. Subsequently, we take a critical look at the club’s current performance and what they need to do in order to reach that desired ambition level. Together with a team of independent field-related experts we then completely analyse the academy and provide an overview of what specific aspects could be improved/developed.”

NMC Bright has recently sparked the interest of clubs and federations outside of the Netherlands. Kuperus: “After three seasons in which we worked together with the KNVB in analysing Dutch football club’s youth academies, we receive an increasingly amount of interest from foreign entities. Foreign federations and clubs are intrigued by how our tailor-made approach fits the need of different clubs. Furthermore, the inclusion of a variety of independent experts (from different backgrounds) in the program, ensures an unbiased, critical and outside perspective on the club’s daily operations.”