Visitation High Performance Sports Centres

News by Wouter Kuperus

New accreditations have been given to the different Dutch High-Performance Sports Centres in February 2017. Following this procedure, the visitation cycle will commence spring, 2017. NMC Bright has taken the lead in this project and recently started the first visitation.

HPSC (South)
The southern High-Performance Sports Centre (Eindhoven) will be the first centre in the Netherlands to be assessed. During this visitation, an analysis will be made of how this centre facilitates their athletes and what improvements could be made.

External Visitation Team
In consultation with HPSC South an external visitation team has been put together, which consists of field-related experts, from the high-performance sports, educational, governmental and corporate sector. Together with HPSC South, this team is going to analyse how well HPSC South accommodates their athletes during a two-day program.

360 Degree Feedback
In preparation of this visitation trajectory all HPSC’s stakeholders (education, sports federations, government, medical, science & innovation experts) are requested to provide feedback. This is enforced by employing the 360-degree feedback tool as executed by NMC Bright. The outcomes of this tool are used as a way of preparing for the visitation. Representatives of the different stakeholder groups will then discuss with the visitation team to further elaborate on the feedback that has been given.

Quality Program
The visitation is employed as a quality assurance program by NOC*NSF to ensure the optimal facilitation of the Dutch High-Performance Sports sector, including talent development. NMC Bright has developed this visitation model in cooperation with NOC*NSF and representatives from the High-Performance Sports sector and the HPSC’s. Furthermore, NMC Bright will be in charge of executing this trajectory for the upcoming years.