Update Quality & Performance Program amateur football

News by Harm Zeinstra

Now that we’re already a few months into the season it is time to give an update in relation to the Quality & Performance Program. The Q&P Program is a tool for both professional as well as amateur football clubs to analyse and evaluate the performance of their youth academy- and policy. This program is executed in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Football Association.

(In case you want to learn more about the Q&P Program please click here.)

Within this article we’ll take a moment to review what has happened, but more so look forward to what is to come. Just like previous seasons, the Q&P Program is in full swing!

Latest developments 

We’re happy to say that also this year a vast amount of amateur football clubs is eager to invest in the quality of their youth academy and talent development system. Up until now, 16 clubs have committed to taking part in the Q&P Program. The first audits of the 2018/2019 season already took place at amateur football clubs Z.A.C and vv Zwanenburg last September. Besides new amateur football clubs taking part, we’re proud to announce that almost 80% of amateur football clubs who already went through the program choose to take part in a recertification program; a nice token of appreciation for the Q&P program!

Looking forward

On a yearly basis we can accommodate for 30 amateur football clubs to take part in the Q&P Program. This means that hopefully, over the next few weeks, we’re able to welcome even more ambitious and development-oriented amateur football clubs. We’re looking forward to the many audits and assessments to come!

Click here if you want to find out which Dutch football clubs took part in the Q&P Program! Please note: this page is in Dutch.