NMC Bright contributes to development youth football on Bonaire

News by Team NMC Bright

The Football Federation Bonaire (FFB) recently presented their strategic development plan 2018 – 2022. Within this strategic plan the FFB stated the ambition of raising standards and developing youth football on Bonaire. In trying to punctuate this ambition the FFB has embedded the creation of a football development plan within their strategic plan 2018 – 2022. Within the next few weeks NMC Bright will catch a flight to Bonaire to start working on this football development plan.

The purpose of this football development plan is to describe and concretise how the FFB is able to reach their targets as formulated within their strategic plan 2018 – 2022. Main points to be addressed within the football development plan include:

  • Improving the quality and organisation structure of youth academies
  • Educating coaches and staff
  • Raise youth football participation levels

We’re proud and excited to announce our partnership with the FFB and are looking forward to contributing to youth football on Bonaire!

More information will follow!