Romanian Football Federation raises standards in youth academies

News by Wouter Kuperus

The Romanian Football Federation (FRF) has successfully started licensing youth academies in season 2018/2019, using a licensing model designed in co-operation with NMC Bright. Since the Executive Committee of the FRF evaluated the first season of the lincensing model positively, they decided that Liga 1 clubs have, from season 2020/2021, to meet the minimum criteria of 60 (out of 100) to keep their license to play in Liga 1 with their first team.

NMC Bright contributed the FRF to gain insights in the quality of youth academies by developing a framework. This framework matched the ambitions and context of the federation and the clubs in Romania to help them develop the youth academies. The custom-made quality framework is aligned with the FRF strategic plan 2015-2020 and will raise the standards in developing homegrown players for first teams in Romania. With implementing this licensing model, the FRF created a ranking between youth academies bases on quality standards. This will lead to an incentive for clubs to take the next step in investing in an effective talent development system.

The FRF started this season with a first round of audits to get insight of the current quality of the youth academies in Romania. The result was that only 5 clubs meet the minimum criteria of 60 points. The clubs will have the next few years to develop their youth academy to meet the standards within the model by 2020/2021.

For more information click on this link and for the results and ranking of the youth academies click here