The AVB and NMC Bright launch Grow Football Aruba

News by Team NMC Bright

In the week of 15 October 2019 the football association of Aruba (AVB) launched Grow Football Aruba in cooperation with NMC Bright. This integral strategy to develop football on the island was presented to the clubs, government and other relevant stakeholders.

NMC Bright developed Grow Football Aruba, several Dutch companies, such as such as our partners the KNVB, Dotcomsport and FOYS, were involved during the development. The Concacaf and FIFA are also involved in this project. Grow Football Aruba is an integral and coherent strategy that involves the support of clubs, coach education, developing talented players and national teams. Each developmental area contains a detailed program or project.

The different developmental areas do not exist on their own, they interact. Developing clubs and their youth academies implies investing in the development of coaches. And developing coaches whom influence players leads to more and better players (talent development) which leads, ultimately, to better performing national teams. In each developmental area we use an approach that leads to a more sustainable sport (infra)structure. By investing in the development of people and organizations Aruban football becomes less dependent on external partners and resources.

Delegation of the AVB, NMC Bright, Dotcomsport, FOYS with Danguillaume Oduber the Minister of Tourism, Public Health and Sports

Now that the project is launched the phase of implementation begins. The implementation phase of the program related to Club Development has already started. The Club Development Program is a 3-year project aiming to develop youth academies in three domains: strategy & governance, organization & structure and football. During our visit we have had intake-sessions with participating clubs to determine their developmental needs. NMC Bright trains and guides employees of the AVB to support clubs in their developmental needs.

The implementation regarding the other areas (Coach Development, Talent Development & National Teams) is scheduled for the upcoming months.

Watch the video below for an impression of the launch of Grow Football Aruba (in Papiamento and Dutch)