NMC Bright partners up with Bonaire Football Federation

News by Team NMC Bright

We are very proud to announce our partnership with the Bonaire Football Federation. Together with our strategic partners, KNVB and The Ministery of Health, Well-being and Sport, we designed a multi-year-program to develop football in Bonaire.

Football Development Progam Bonaire

Last year we conducted an extensive assessment at clubs and the Football Federation. With their input we developed the Football Development Program Bonaire. The program aims to develop both clubs, coaches and players for the next four years by improving competitions, grassroots activities, youth academies and providing courses for board members and coaches.. The Football Development Program Bonaire has to contribute to a sustainable development of football on the island. By investing in the education and accompaniment of volunteers such as coaches and board members we want to achieve sustainable results so there is more local expertise available to develop football.

In cooperation with local people

The program is based on our ‘context bound principle’: working together with local people who are well known with the language and culture. NMC Bright is responsible for project management, club development and training & coaching of people involved with the program. In January 2020 the program started officially.