Ard van Peppen becomes consultant at NMC Bright

News by Wouter Kuperus

Ard van Peppen (34) started in March 2020 as Consultant Sport at NMC Bright. Ard had more than 400 appearances in professional football. In 2019, he quit as an professional footballer and decided it was time to change his career. At NMC Bright, Ard will work as Consultant Sport. In this role he guides and advises football clubs that participate in the Quality & Performance Program for youth academies. In addition, Ard will work in projects for the tennis association (KNLTB) and the gymnastics association (KNGU).

Ard: “I was looking for a role in which I can work on development and policy in sports. That’s why I have developed myself in recent years with my training in High Performance Sport Management & Entrepreneurship and various psychology courses. In this way I prepared myself for a new career. NMC Bright offered me a great opportunity. In this position all things come together that I like the most: I continue to work in the world of elite sports, I am involved in the development of both organizations and talents and I actively work on strategic policy. In short, a great challenge that I am really looking forward to.”

Welcome Ard!

Team NMC Bright