NMC Bright keeps supporting (elite) sport organizations during the Covid19 crisis

News by Wouter Kuperus

The world of sport, as many other sectors, is struck by the Covid-19 crisis. What does this mean for NMC Bright?

Work continues

Fortunately, we can say that our work, for the most part, continues as usual. Of course, the circumstances are drastically different, but that applies to everyone. From March 16 we set up office in our homes. With very rare exception, we visit the office. Every day starts with a short meet-up via Google Hangout. It’s nice to keep in touch with each other in this way. We tell each other what we’re doing and give each other an update on projects. Everyone’s adaptability is amazing. Both from colleagues and from federations, clubs and partners with whom we work. A really big compliment for everyone!

Divert to what is possible

After the seriousness of the situation had increased in mid-March, everyone transferred effortlessly. Instead of getting frustrated with everything that is no longer possible, we searched for what is still possible. For example, we have agreed with the KNLTB that we will do the certification of tennis schools completely online. All location visits have been replaced by video calls in recent weeks. The assessment of the pedagogical performance climate of KNGU training centers was, partly, a online procedure already, but we have agreed with the association that the visits at the centers will also be replaced by video calls. Football clubs that participate in the Quality & Performance Program haven’t been contacted for a few weeks in consultation with the KNVB, so they could process the impact of the Covid-19 crises first. From here on, clubs that want to continue with the program have the possibility to do so via video-calls. We gaining a lot of experience in conducting online audits. And we postpone what cannot be replaced by online tools and plan those activities later in the season.

Foreign projects

Because most of air traffic is cancelled, it is difficult to carry out our foreign projects. There, too, we try to work via video calls as much as possible, but we miss be on sight. What worries us is the impact of the crisis in these countries. A large number of people are directly affected in their daily lives.

Deepening and development of a new training

We also take advantage of this time by delving into professional literature. Some colleagues are currently taking a course. This time is also ideal for developing products. Together with the Talent Expertise Center of HAN (University of Applied Sciences), we are developing the training course ‘Recognizing talent in sport’. From September 2020, this training will be open to everyone.

Finally, we are happy that everyone in our team is healthy. We hope this also applies to anyone reading this. Federations, clubs, trainers, coaches, (top) athletes: stay positive, stay healthy and care for one another!

Kind regards,

Team NMC Bright