Update: Grow Football Aruba & Club Development Program

News by Team NMC Bright

NMC Bright supports the AVB in several projects, like the formulation and implementation of an overall- and football development strategy. The AVB’s Strategic Plan is launched in 2018 together with Grow Football Aruba, a football development strategy. Since the launch of both strategies the AVB has made progress in several areas.

Employees have been appointed with the aim to implement strategic objectives, amongst them a Club Development Officer (CDO). The Club Development Officer is stationed in Aruba to support board members and academy directors with the development of their clubs and youth academy. NMC Bright provided the CDO with a training in the Netherlands to prepare him for these tasks and supports him through site-visits and via video-calls. During site-visits NMC Bright organizes workshops for clubs with specific theme’s such as volunteers or youth development.

Part of Grow Football Aruba is the realization of Talent Academies which provide talented players older than 12 with weekly activities additional on their club activities. Through the Talent Academies the most talented youth players of Aruba or prepared for the (youth) national team activities.

Currently NMC Bright helps composing a women’s football strategy. This strategy is aligned with Grow Football Aruba, the overall strategy of the AVB and FIFA programs aimed at developing women’s football.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed several projects, the ambitions and progress of the AVB have been noticed by the Concacaf. The Concacaf wants the AVB to be a best practice for the region and other member associations.

Want to know more about the projects in Aruba? Read more here and here or feel free to contact me via the link below.