KNVB and NMC Bright launch the new Football Development Program

News by Harm Zeinstra

The Royal Netherlands Football Association and NMC Bright have launched a brand new Football Development Program for grassroots clubs. As from the start of the 2021/2022 season, football clubs around the country will be supported in analyzing and further developing their youth academy. The program focuses on inclusivity, enjoyment, and player development. It guides and advises clubs in managing their youth academy in such a way that their youth players will stay longer at the club. This new program thus creates opportunities for clubs to develop themselves in new ways that the pre-existing Quality & Performance Program didn’t already offer.

“We have a long-standing experience working with both amateur and professional football clubs. With this new program, we can support and advise clubs even better in their process of continuous development ”, says Harm Zeinstra, Sports Consultant at NMC Bright. “With the Quality & Performance Program, we’ve carried out over 200 projects in the past few years. With the Football Development Program, we can now advise even more clubs accurately and properly.

Several clubs have helped NMC Bright and KNVB in co-creating the Football Development Program.

“The program suits the needs of a large group of clubs in the Dutch landscape”, according to Lennard van Ruiven, Manager Football Development at the KNVB in this article on KNVB assist. The goal is to develop youth academies across the country sustainably. Clubs can choose which subjects or issues to focus on. Subjects like one’s vision on (learning to play) football, talent identification, or the transition from youth to senior football, for example.

“With the Football Development Program we ensure customization for clubs”, says Jorg van der Breggen, Head of Football Development at the KNVB. “Together with NMC Bright, we are going to assist enthusiastic clubs that want to improve themselves. We involve different target groups like coaches, parents, and players in this process. This program really contributes to the development of Dutch youth players and the pleasure they take in playing the sport”.

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