Update: Sports development on Bonaire in 2022

Blogs by Sander de Brito Roque

Together with the ministry of VWS and the Royal Netherlands Football Association, NMC Bright is working on the development of sports in Bonaire. We do so through the program Football Development with the football association FFB. Many activities have been carried out this year that contribute to a better organization and implementation of football. A few things at a glance:

  • Board members of football clubs received a course (‘Besturen met Impact’)
  • Board members from other sports, baseball, swimming, volleyball and athletics received the same course
  • A Referee Department has been set up
  • Organized a Referee Course
  • Recruited a new employee (For the Football association FFB)
  • Football association’s statutes updated
  • Football club coaches trained
  • Developed a marketing plan for the image of referees
  • Guidance of trainees
  • Coached the board from the Football Association
  • And much more!

We will continue this development in 2023 as well. Together with VWS and the Royal Netherlands Football Association and local partners, we keep growing towards an increasingly and independently operating sports facility on the island! Do you want to know more? Read about it here and here.