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Club Development Program 2019-2022

The Club Development Program is based on our unique ‘adapt-to-context’ approach.

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What we did

The implementation of the Club Development Program.

The Club Development Program is a 3-year project aiming to develop clubs in three domains:

  1. Strategy & Governance;
  2. Organization & Structure and;
  3. Football.

During site-visits we had intake-sessions with participating clubs to determine their developmental needs. Our unique approach is based on the principle ‘adapt-to-context’; we appoint a local project leader who knows the culture and speaks the language. We train and guide this local project leader to support clubs in their developmental needs for the duration of the Club Development Program. The program is part of an overall football development strategy called Grow Football Aruba.

Due to success, the program has since been expanded from 5 to 16 clubs. A second local project leader is affiliated with the federation and the capacity has also been doubled from NMC Bright.


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