Grow Football Aruba

Implementation of Grow Football Aruba

A total football development strategy to promote football in all her ways

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What we did

We developed the concept of Grow Football Aruba and recruited a Technical Manager who is responsible for the implementation.

Grow Football Aruba is a total football development strategy.

Grow Football Aruba (GFA) is part of the overall football development strategy of the federation. It contains the following developmental areas:

  1. Club Development
  2. Coach Development
  3. Talent Development
  4. National Teams
  5. Referee Development
  6. Women Football Development

Each of the above developmental areas are translated into projects with clearly defined objectives. One related project, for example, is the ‘Club Development Program‘ in which we are involved. The different developmental areas do not exist on their own, they interact. Developing clubs and their youth academies implies investing in the development of coaches. And developing coaches who influence players leads to more and better players (talent development) which leads, ultimately, to better performing national teams.

In each developmental area we use an approach that leads to a more sustainable sport (infra)structure. By investing in the development of people and organizations Aruban football becomes less dependent on external partners and resources.

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