Dutch Gymnastics

Framework Pedagogical High-Performance Culture

Developing an open and safe high-performance culture in gymnastics.

  • Year
    2019 - present
  • Country
    The Netherlands

What we did

We developed a custom-made assessment framework for the KNGU for assessing and developing the pedagogical high-performance culture at the elite sport and talent centers.

The Dutch Gymnastic Union (KNGU) and their elite training centers are promoting a better and safer high-performance culture within gymnastics in the Netherlands. By assessing their centers on their pedagogical high-performance culture the KNGU intents to develop a structure for developing their desirable performance culture. The objective of the asessment framework is also to make the elite training centers accountable for this structure. Within the framework there are criteria such as Certificates of Conduct, availability of a confidential counselor, presence of rules of contact between coaches, athletes and parents and possibilities for education and/or refresher courses.

The assessment framework Pedagogical High-Performance Culture aims to create more attention to develop this performance culture within elite sports for the benefit of the (child) athletes, coaches and parents.

NMC Bright co-created the framework together with the KNGU and is in charge of assessing the centers. The process starts with a self-evaluation of the center. The next step is an audit by an independent consultant of NMC Bright. In this audit is determined if the center meets the criteria of the framework. The centers need to develop a plan of approach when it doesn’t fulfill a criterion. The second visit within the framework aims at further development of the culture within the elite training centers.

You can read more about the testing framework on the site of Dutch Gymnastics in Dutch here and here.


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