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Development wheelchair tennis

Developing the landscape of wheelchair tennis together.



  • Year
    2019 - present
  • Country
    The Netherlands

What we did

We created a development program for wheelchair tennis in The Netherlands. NMC Bright and KNLTB have a partnership since 2014.

The Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) mission states that as many people as possible of all ages, with or without disabilities, should play tennis. To live up to that mission statement the KNLTB facilitates and develops wheelchair tennis to maintain and improve the international status of The Netherlands as a leading country in wheelchair tennis.

In 2019 there are 70 KNLTB-clubs in The Netherlands with active wheelchair players. This varies from a single membership of a player to an inclusive club with a structure of training and games for wheelchair tennis. It is not always easy as a wheelchair tennis player to find the right club suited to their situation and ambition. The KNLTB develops a diverse landscape from recreational sports to elite level.

NMC Bright co-created the development program for wheelchair tennis with the KNLTB. In this program the clubs will go through the ambition-, growth- and evaluation phase. The process starts with a self evaluation by the tennis club and a visit by an independent consultant from NMC Bright and a coordinator from the KNLTB. The purpose of the visit is to determine the ambition of the club and to define the support form the KNLTB. After the analysis a development-session determines the ambition in the near future. In the growht-phase, the club works on their development-plan with support from the KNLTB. After a year NMC Bright, KNLTB and the club will evaluate the process with each other.

You can read more about the Development program of the KNLTB in Dutch here.


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