Reviewing Talent Programs of Top25 of Dutch Olympic sports

In search for excellence in Dutch Talent Programs.

  • Year
    2014 - present
  • Country
    The Netherlands

What we did

This unique tool offers a quality boost to every talent program.

What should we do to always keep ahead of our competitors?

And how do we emphasize continuous improvement in talent development and stay away from demanding more paperwork and procedures? These questions resulted in a close partnership between the Dutch Olympic Council (NOC*NSF) and NMC Bright.

We designed a new quality tool for talent programs of sport federations. With the help and advice of many top sport coaches, we developed the methodology of the Talent Program Review. A Talent Program Review offers federations the opportunity to review their talent program in a short period of time with a group of high-quality specialists to identify points for improvement and optimization.

NMC Bright is responsible for the organization and supervision of the Talent Program Reviews since 2014 until now. The Talent Program Reviews have been carried out for a diverse range of Olympic Talent Programs like cycling, volleyball, sailing, handball, triathlon, beach volleyball, equestrian, table tennis, water polo, CP football, wheelchair basketball, gymnastics, baseball, skating, short track, basketball and swimming.


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