What we do.

Investing in talent development as a sustainable foundation for success.

NMC Bright helps federations, leagues and clubs who have the ambition to improve their standards in talent development. We work with a worldwide partner network of experienced professionals in the field of elite sports and talent development.

Objectively assessing the quality of youth academies.

We perform assessments of youth academies based on customised frameworks. Our frameworks, procedures and assessments fit your cultural context, developmental phase and governing regulations. All steps will be tailored to your context and needs.

Designing a (licensing) framework

We offer customised quality frameworks with the purpose of licensing or certifying youth academies. We design frameworks after analysing the state of youth football in your country in close cooperation with all stakeholders. The framework will help clubs raise standards in developing home grown players for first teams. It provides you with clear insights and serves as a benchmark of youth academies based on quality standards.

Accreditation and certification procedures

We design, coordinate and supervise accreditation and certification procedures in close cooperation with our partners. The main requirements for these procedures are assembling a team of assessors, embedding the procedure in governing regulations and policy, implementing efficient software to support the procedure.

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After designing a quality (or licensing) framework and an accreditation or certification procedure, an assessment is performed to assess the quality of the academy or organisation. Through an assessment we match the gathered documentation with daily practice. Depending on the framework we have several methods that we apply during an assessment, such as interviews, observations, group-discussions and questionnaires.

Continuous improvement in youth academies.

It's extreme valuable to systematically helping youth academies finding ways to increase their performance.That's why we offer some unique developmental and educational services to stimulate continuous improvement in youth academies.

The expert team is using a positive approach.

Elwin van Keulen
Academy Director Cambuur Leeuwarden
Expert Sessions

We facilitate expert sessions that fit with the ambition and strategy of a club. Together with the club we design a tailor-made program that helps identify points of improvement and possible solutions. This includes in-depth discussion, ideation and advising with the sole purpose of increasing a club's performance. These sessions are attended by carefully selected experts and a consultant to facilitate the process.

Talent development programmes

Based on your ambition and a thorough analysis we provide a talent development program that suits the level of development of your country and governing regulations. A talent development program is a long-term project that provides on-site support for clubs on areas such as strategy, governance, organisation and football. Clubs receive support and are incentivised to develop so that they systematically improve their youth academies.

Educational programmes

We provide educational programs for coaches, academy directors, technical directors and board members. Our many years of experience and extensive network provides us with a wide range of possibilities in creating custom-made educational programmes.

Developing a strategy

We help develop your long-term strategy. Based on an analysis that contains club assessments, interviews and desk-research we develop a strategic plan that is translated into measurable actions. We support the process of formulating a strategy, be it in a specific domain like football or a general strategy.

Project management

Our extensive network of experts, consultants, coaches, coach-educators and event managers is suitable for all questions, challenges or projects regarding talent development & -identification.

In-depth insight.

To identify the marginal gains in improving youth academies you need to ask the right questions and support conclusions with data. By providing (data-driven) research we help identify areas of improvement. Next to our standard questionnaires we design customised methods for answering all kinds of questions.

How do parents, players and staff evaluate the learning environment of your academy?

Learning environment survey

One example of data-driven research is our questionnaire regarding the learning environment of youth academies. Our survey helps with having a better understanding of the learning environment of talent development programs and how to improve it. Coaches, parents and players answer questions in the following domains: the best players, the best coaches, a performance-driven culture, dual career and facilities. We can adjust our ‘learning environment survey’ to different organisations, sports and levels.


We develop benchmark reports on a specific topic based on thorough research. Be it an international comparison of youth academies or mapping the average fees of (youth) coaches in a country.

360⁰ feedback

This way of evaluating your organisation turns out to be an extremely valuable tool. It involves all internal and external stakeholders and is an effective way to distance yourself from the intensity of daily operations and thoroughly evaluate your own performances. Depending on ambitions and context of your organisation we gather feedback on domains such as leadership, innovation, cooperation, operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Do you know the strengths and points of improvement of your academy?

We help you to get a good grasp of the quality of your academy by assessing your club or academy in a short period of time with the best (football) experts.


What are the strengths, opportunities and points of improvement for your club or academy (SWOT-analysis)?
We assess clubs through our framework which is based on scientific insights, an international benchmark and years of experience in assessing youth academies. We systematically assess the quality in a short period of time with a group of (football) experts. We use several methods such as interviews, observations (practices, coach-sessions, etc.), group-discussions and questionnaires. We deliver a concise report with recommendations on how to improve your club or academy.

Learning Environment Tool

Do you know how your players experience the learning environment you are trying to create? And how their parents respond to it? And your coaching staff?
This tool will help you to get a better understanding of a complex concept which is your learning environment. Coaches, parents and players answer questions about themes like training, coaching, culture, dual career and facilities. You will be able to compare their responses. This tool will help you to drastically improve the learning environment of your players.

It's an insightful tool that helps optimizing the learning environment.

I got amazing insights to improve certain aspects of the academy

360⁰ feedback

How do internal and external stakeholders evaluate your academy?
Our 360 Feedback tool turns out to be an extremely valuable tool to evaluate a club or academy. The 360 FB involves all internal and external stakeholders, like club-employees, the board, coaches, experts (e.g. medical, physical), partners (e.g. education) and parents. It is an effective way to distance yourself from the intensity of daily operations and thoroughly evaluate your performances. Depending on the ambitions and context of the organization we gather feedback on domains such as leadership, operational effectiveness and efficiency.

How to improve the performance of your academy?

We help you developing and implementing polic by assisting you on the most crucial aspects of a successful academy.

Developing a strategy

How do you make a theoretical concept such as ‘strategy’ practical and vivid?
Our strategy-consultants will help you develop a long-term strategy for your academy. Based on an analysis that contains an ‘Discover your DNA’ session, several interviews, observations and desk-research we help you develop a strategic plan. In co-creation with your team we translate it into practical and challenging actions for the next 2-3 years.

Football Philosophy

How do you develop a style of play and methodology that guides players and coaches?
Through several workshops you’ll learn via our method how to translate your club DNA to a style of play. Once we have developed a style of play it comes down to the methodology. How do you use the style of play to create better players? What are essential elements in the academy program adjusted to specific agegroups.

Recruitment & Talent Identification

How do you identify and recognize players with future potential?
An essential question is how to recognize talent. So much has been written about the development of talent, while there’s little knowledge about talent identification. We have designed a course that helps you to define and implement a clear method for talent identification

It’s all about educating football coaches and leaders.

We help you educating coaches with our network of experts and based on the courses of the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB).

It starts and ends with education!

Educational programmes

What happens when you (don’t) invest in the development of coaches?Investing in the development of coaches is crucial when you want to create better players. We provide educational programs for coaches, academy directors, technical directors and board members in close cooperation with the KNVB. Our years of experience and extensive network provides us with the possibility to create custom-made educational programs.

How can we help?

If you are looking for a dedicated partner that helps developing youth academies and raise standards in talent development, please contact us and let’s discuss possibilities.

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